セックス·関係 ·ETC exhibition

題名 / Title: セックス·関係 ·ETC (Sex·Connection·etcetera)

セックス·関係 ·ETC


Adrià Ginger と Jin Tongによる展覧会「セックス・関係・など」が、2017年12月16日(土)から12月24日(土)まで開催されます。

Adrià Gingerによる生殖器を題材とした絵画、Jin Tongによる男性や女性をテーマとするイラストレーションが同時に展示されます。


Up Town Koenji Gallery is pleased to present a joint exhibition by Adrià Ginger and Jin Tong. The exhibition, entitled 「セックス·関係 ·ETC」(Sex·Connection·etcetera) will be held from December 16th (Saturday) until December 24th
(Sunday), 2017.

Genitalia paintings by Adrià Ginger, male and female illustrations by Jin Tong hang together for the first time as a joint exhibition whose theme revolves about the way humans, defined by their biological and emotional characteristics, pursue connection with each other.

There is a desire of connection in this world; your own desire, but also the other’s desire, which results in conflict. From a mere
physical point of view, this connection is done by our sexual organs pushed by our bodies’ fertility in a pursue of reproduction and by the addiction to friction. These sought connections between us become life and pleasure, but also dread and pain. Loneliness and
nightmares exist in people’s hearts. There is incomprehension and at the same time, there is assimilation of cultures and genres.
There are men and women and everything in the middle. There is a thrill of affection and the need of relationships among all of us.

アーティスト / ARTISTS

ADRIÀ GINGER (アドリア・ジンジャー)


・英国Screen Academy Scotlandにおいて修士号取得(Film分野)。


Born in June 1987, Barcelona, Spain. Graduated with a MA Degree in Film from the Screen Academy Scotland. He lives in Tokyo.
His works on canvas combines different techniques such as oil and acrylic painting, digital effects and the use of markers.
His works are spread between Europe, Canada, Japan and China. Adrià is being painting for nearly five years, activity that he's been combining with traveling the world as a filmmaker.

靳彤 JIN TONG (キントウ)




Born in October 1991, Hebei, China. Currently student at the Tokyo University of Arts. She has been painting for nearly ten years and has been studying art for nine years. Her art works is varied, covering photography, performance and illustration among other
medias. Jin worked as a freelance graphic designer, photographer and stylist and is currently based in Tokyo.

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12月16日(土)– 24日(日)、2017
December 16 (Sat) – 24 (Sun), 2017

時間 / Hours: 14:00 – 20:00
閉廊日 / Closed: 月曜日 / Monday

オープニングレセプション / Opening reception:
December 16 (Sat), 18:00~

クロージング / Closing ceremony:
December 24 (Sun), 18:00~
〒166-0003東京都杉並区高円寺南3-23-16(新高円寺通り商店街) プレッジウッド2F

Uptown Koenji Gallery
3-23-16 Koenjiminami, Pledge-wood 2F ( Shin-Koenji shopping street) 〒166-0003 Suginami-ku, Tokyo

免責事項 / Disclaimer: {+18}
Please be aware that some works of this exhibition contain sexually explicit images and may be unsuitable for young people.

入場無料 / FREE